From South Pole explorers to trusty companions, dogs throughout art history are just barking adorable. 


Vida, about 1912, Herbert G. Ponting. J. Paul Getty Museum.
Shepherd with His Dog, about 1795, Johann Jakob Wilhelm Spangler. J. Paul Getty Museum.
Gravestone of Helena, about A.D. 150 - 200, Unknown. J. Paul Getty Museum.
Vessel with Youths and Their Dogs, about 490 B.C., Kleophrades Painter. J. Paul Getty Museum.
Dogs, about 1250 - 1260, Unknown. English. J. Paul Getty Museum.


Guitar Wolf


Essential Knowledge For All. Leslie S. Haywood. Odhams Press Limited, London. 1947

(source: Pictures From An Old Book)

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Big Black


John Martin (Mezzotint illustrations); John Milton’s Paradise Lost, ca. 1824.

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John Gutmann. The Game New Orleans, Lunch Hour San Francisco, Mission Car, The Warriors Harlem, The Artist Lives Dangerously, Shoshoni Indians Wyoming, Strange Visitors, Street Performers New Orleans, The Game Mardi Gras, Death Stalks The Fillmore (top to bottom). 1930s.

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Dog with pipe, 1940s (via)

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